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My name is Mike Moore and I reside just outside of Memphis, TN. After looking at old west photos for many years I have always worn some type of hat. Taking note of the old west, civil war, and the current western hats, I had decided that I would like to learn how to make them myself. One of the things that I had already been doing was shaping hats for friends of mine. By handling numerous hats made by so many different hatters and companies making hats, it gave me the chance to really look at the difference in the way hats were being made.

I have been a history buff for many years, 25 of it reenacting civil war events and the past 8 years as a SASS shooter. My SASS name is “Blackjack Moore”, and my SASS number is 23758. I took a few of my old hats and did things such as taking them apart or trying to make a repair, all the time trying to learn and remember from what I was doing. I reshaped several of my own hats, and then decided to try and find some hatters tools, buy some hat bodies, and see what I could do. I owe whatever knowledge I have about hat making to a few really talented hatters that have been making hats for many years. They were kind enough to share some secrets with me after they knew I was serious about trying to build hats. Without these fine men sharing info with me, and giving me advice, I would not be building Buckaroo Hats.

I purchase my hat bodies from the factory that most hatters get their stock from. The bodies come in three grades: 100% pure beaver, a 50/50 blend and a staple body. I start with the body, and then block the hat in the size that I need. From there, I spend many hours finishing the hat, cutting down the brim to what the customer has asked for, and sewing the sweatband in. Then I sew the ribbon and bow on the hat, place the liner in the hat, and then do the final shaping of the hat to the crown and brim specifications that the customer has chosen. Most of the finished product(s) I build are hats that people call the Boss of The Plains…semi rounded or a flat top, and the brims are from 3″ to 4 1/2 ” wide.

Some of my customers like the brims turned up on one side, and they call it the Wild Bill style hat. When I build a hat for someone, it’s nice to see that particular hat on his or her head at a shooting match, civil war event, or old west gathering. It feels good to know that they are wearing one of my hats. Feel free to look around and ask questions. Please look at the photo’s and if you like what you see, or have a hat you want me to make, contact me (Mike Moore) at buckaroohatters@gmail.com and I’ll personally make you a “Buckaroo Hat”.

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