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Tony“My search for a reputable hatter capable of creating a particular hat I wanted immediately brought me to Mike Moore at Buckaroo Hatters. Since I live in Minnesota it was a leap of faith that the style I desired would be the right fit because I couldn’t walk into the shop and work with Mike directly. He contacted me by phone after I’d emailed and after discussing what I was looking for he sent a picture of what I was looking for and I signed off on it providing him with my measurements. The result you can see for yourself. It was all that I wanted and more. The style and fit were a perfect match for me. To say I was pleased would be an understatement. Thank you!”
Tony Latessa

Bill HittIt’s good to work with a hatter that understands what a hat worn in the old west should look like, and can build that hat,Buckaroo Hatters knows and builds a fine hat.

Bill Hitt

Tarantula JackThe hat you made and fitted to me last fall is wonderful. I have purchased more that 20 hats in my eleven years of Cowboy Action Shooting, and yours is the only one that is a really proper fit. The workmanship and materials, as well as the customer service, are everything one could ask for. I’ll be ordering another next week.

Tarantula JackSASS #12841

Melissa M.This hat fits like a glove and is very comfortable to wear. It is versatile and can be downright sassy or used in a traditional setting. The shade of blue is especially appealing and does seem to say, “Follow Me, Boys”.Melissa M.

Loco Perro SASS # 57890Many thanks for a great hat! It’s made to perfection, just what I wanted. Pard, I don’t know how you do it, but keep it up!Loco Perro SASS # 57890

Sable Starr SASS # 57369I just wanted to thank you for my new Buckaroo Hat. The hat is exactly what I had envisioned when I saw the color swatch. Even my last minute request for a pencil curl and bound edge didn’t slow you down. Definitely one of my favorites hats! Hope you’ll be making these wonderful hats for a long time, you never know when a lady will need a new hat to match a new outfit.Sable Starr SASS # 57369

The Arizona Ranger SASS #5824Finally, a hat company that will make you a true “Period” hat with that special touch you have in mind for a one-of-a-kind look. Thanks for the fast service. The Arizona Ranger SASS #5824

Sunny GirlI started out with a holster that I loved – then had chinks made to match and progressed to boots – but, there was something very important missing. That’s when I ran into Mike at the Memphis Annual Math. He said he could fix me up and he did !! Not only does this hat look great with my black/brown outfit, it works with just about everything. As for the fit – what says it all is the last time I had it on, I actually forgot it was on my head until I tried to look out my window and knocked it off my head ! I would definitely recommend a Buckaroo Hat.Sunny Girl

DeSoto Bob SASS #51862I have hats from several hatters. I don’t think you can find a better hat or a better price than Buckaroo Hatters. I get more comments about my Buckaroo hat than any others. Mike is easy to work with and will give you exactly what you want. My Buckaroo hat is one I will be proud of for years to come.DeSoto Bob SASS #51862

… I received my hat today. It is a work of art. It is exactly as I envisioned it and fits perfectly. Thank you very much for the outstanding work you did. Don’t be surprised if you get more requests from other folks in Colorado for hats. I am sure that anyone who sees this one will want you to make one for them. I had looked at other well known Colorado hat makers, but the price kept me away. Your price is much better and in my opinion, so is your work. Maybe next year I will have you make me an everyday hat and get rid of all these store bought ones I have. Without a doubt, this is the finest hat I will ever own. Thank you very much for all your help and the fine workmanship….Walker Keeney

… Absolutely a great hat – Incredible quality with economy. Now on those “black hat” days I will look like a real bad guy – ha ha!…Rock (aka Blaze Dawson)

… I am a hat collector, SASS member and a civial war reenactor. I have purchased many custom hats and shopped, seen, and tried on thousands over the three decades I have satisfied my passion for head wear. There are a lot of good hat makers out there, but I have found a unique maker who has the ability to transform the vision one has in their head of the hat they desire into the work of art that is like putting on a fine taylored Italian suit. Whether you want to look like you just got off the trail, playing your best hand gambling on the riverboat down the Mississippi, or swirlin yur guns at a match shoot you cannot buy a finer hand made hat with just that extra amount of personal touch that will set you apart regardless of the style you choose…Bob Hugh

… Buckaroo Hatters is more than a cowboy store!! Mike Moore makes a great fedora also! He made this fedora from a 1936 photo of a hat my grand dad was wearing ! He did a fantastic job! “The proof is in the wearing” Buckaroo Hatters aint just for cowboys anymore!!!…Russell Brock Hathcock (Arkansas)

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